About Us

CORIO GLOBAL - Trade Beyond Borders / is a well-established Global trading company. We operate in India with a proven track record of sales success and a reliable after-sales and support team.

CORIO acquires products from all over the India and East Asia and distributes them all over the world through company's business network. Our clients include manufacturers, commodity wholesalers, food service distributors, and restaurants.

We are recognized as a reliable partner offering high quality products.

We provide professional service in all aspects of your business, including packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics, and customer service. 

Our global reach and trade expertise are constantly expanding through the efforts of specialized personnel and highly qualified staff with specific expertise.

Mission Statement:

At CORIO, our mission is to sustainably provide the highest quality seafood products to our customers. We are committed to responsibly sourcing, processing, and delivering fresh and delicious seafood and prioritizing satisfaction of our customers. Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices drives us to be a leader in the industry, promoting a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Vision Statement:

Becoming the Beacon of Responsible Seafood Excellence: Our vision is to lead the seafood industry as an emblem of sustainable practices and exceptional quality. By continually innovating and fostering partnerships with local fisheries, we aspire to redefine seafood consumption, ensuring a bountiful ocean ecosystem for generations to come.


Core Values:

Trust: We find that when we treat our partners with integrity and a sense of service, trust is positive outcome.

Sustainability: We prioritize the well-being of our oceans and marine life by sourcing our seafood responsibly and advocating for sustainable fishing methods.

Quality and Freshness: A dedication to providing the highest quality and freshest seafood products to customers through rigorous quality control and handling procedures.

Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction through excellent customer service, responsiveness, and consistent product quality.

Innovation: We embrace innovation to continually improve our processes, products, and services, driving positive change in the seafood sector.

Customer Focused: We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are committed to listen and respond positively to their needs.


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